Month: January 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby

Twenty years ago I was tasked with cataloging a warehouse of carburetors. It was my first photography job and involved taking clearly identifiable carburetor portraits, matching them with their respective part numbers, and assembling the lot into a homemade scrapbook. Picture a family photo album, Monster Garage style. Like any novice, my results were mixed… Read more »

One Last Request

The most honest communications we encounter in daily life are often not meant for us. Exhibit “A” below is an example. Found in a bin of car parts at a dealership, the unassuming tag traveled all the way from Delaware to bring its message of hope. Against the backdrop of a flailing economy, fraudulent and… Read more »

Wake up and smell the Java… Again

As I was growing up, Mom often told me that life is a constant repeat. How often she told me was usually a factor of how much I complained about doing some routine chore. As usual Mom was right. However, not all that comes back around is necessarily bad. My love of writing is one… Read more »

Sticks and Stones

When George Bush predicted Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee for President, he wasn’t just tipping his hat to her campaign prowess, or her unassailable plans to fix healthcare, Iraq, and any other number of societal ills. He was voicing the hopes of Republicans who share the vision of retaining the executive seat in… Read more »

Didn’t Even Know Anything Was Wrong

I’m finally prepping the Vista lappie for a clean OS install. A Vista disk and 2 Gb stick of RAM are on the way — Woo! Hoo! I’m also trying to optimize and speed the machine up even more. I’ve once again left the Aero interface behind in favor of Vista Basic. Upward of 60… Read more »

The Loneliest Primary

What if they held a primary and no journalists showed up? Think for a second what incredible good could come from a thousand reporters suddenly vanishing. Not just the so-called liberal reporters or the jack-booted pen wielding apologists for the current DOTUS (Decider of the US), but all reporters. When the populace suddenly realized that… Read more »

Finish the Rhyme

Clinton lied No one died. Clinton cried… (insert answer here)

Don’t call it a comeback: Obama wins!

With the electronic ink still settling, major news organizations are calling Iowa for Obama and Huckabee. As arcane as this decrepit method of choosing a president is, I’m starting to feel that buzz. Everyone loves an underdog. Stopping the Clinton juggernaut by such a decisive margin is a victory worth savoring. Regardless of subsequent wins… Read more »

To err is human, to forgive… Forgetaboutit

Listen up YouTube tyrants, self-appointed “experts”, road rage advocates, haters in general, and other angrier than Hell types! I got a message for you. You can all go straight to JustRage! The tagline for this devil’s knockbox of ill will is “the internet anger sponge”. Like a sponge, the website’s demonic, orange-flamed background soaks up… Read more »

Bang! Bang! Out With The Old

Only my three loyal readers will see this rant. But what happens when an entire nation (or planet) is exposed to deliberate misconceptions, misinformation, and myths about black people.