Month: August 2008

Food for Thought: Ghetto Pasta

Chili Shrimp & Ramen 1 bag of ramen noodles generous handful of shrimp, preferably fresh dry chili mix fresh garlic dehydrated onions few sprigs of fresh rosemary cheese of your choice handful of broccoli florets, frozen’s fine oil of choice fresh lime juice or your favorite balsamic vinegar crushed red pepper With the Democratic National… Read more »


I’ve been cheating on my blog, sorta. Nah, let’s face it; it’s a full-blown affair. A while back I was offered an opportunity to participate in the closed beta of a blogging community. A social network of bloggers basically. My fellow writers and I shared similar tastes in online journalism and essaying. Most of us… Read more »

Keep Your Panties, I’m Covered

OK, I admit I’m a little busy to pen what might be considered substantive posts at the moment. So I’ll keep plugging brief things that are on my radar. Being in video production and communications means I have a soft spot for good advertising. I love the ad below and happened to find the entire… Read more »


Tim Gunn of Project Runway saying “Holla at your boy!”,… precious.

Bring It On!

Based on David Rees’ comic of the same name, the animated Get Your War On series looks to be piss yourself funny. For those unfamiliar with Rees’ work, the GYWO comic strip satirizes the ongoing terrorist fear mongering and proliferation of Bushocracy (figure it out). It’s eerily unreal how much the animated voices sound like… Read more »