Month: May 2008

Something Nice For A Change

We all know how much fun it is to bitch on your blog, but honestly, man does not live by rant alone. So let me take a moment to spotlight outstanding service from a vendor I discovered online. A heads up: this post continues my recent trend of geeky pursuits, this time cars again. My… Read more »

A New Low For Ricer Boys Everywhere

Just a quickie cause I haven’t posted in a bit. I ran across a new low for sport car tuner wannabes while looking for performance parts for my car. Apparently, if you can’t afford to put a real turbocharger on you can still have that lovely blowoff valve whistle between shifts. The product depicted here… Read more »

Dear CNN….

The comments of a failed president and fraudulent warmonger regarding “appeasement” of terrorists do not constitute “breaking news”. Love, Eric


I fully support freedom of association, but I have to ask… What’s up with the one Black guy whooping it up for Senator Clinton in all the West Virginia primary speech news clips? You know, the one with the banana yellow tee and his dreads tucked under the knit cap.

Too Close To Call

Too close to call. Those are not the four words Senator Clinton wanted to hear regarding the Indiana Primary. And I’m sure none of her supporters were waiting with baited breath for Mayor McDermott of Hammond, Indiana to spin her 2% lead (12:49 am, May 7) into another “comeback kid” victory yarn. Yet, here we… Read more »

The Linux With 9 Lives

First, I participated in my state’s Presidential Primary today, and I had the pleasure of a close associate new to the political process joining me. Woo Hoo! I’m happy to report the elections office was busier than I’ve ever seen a polling place–even on general election day. It’s nice to see Blacks exercising a right… Read more »