Month: February 2008

Occupancy Does Not Equal Experience

I’ve been thinking about how the last Presidential election was won by an electorate who voted their fears. Fear of another terrorist attack was high on the list. Fear of liberals ruining a society built on Christian principles followed closely. Fear motivated those who voted left of center as well. Moderate to liberal voters envisioned… Read more »

David Frum Eat Your Heart Out

Speech Recognition is one of Microsoft Vista’s cooler aspects. It’s not quite up to Star Trek “Captain’s log” status yet, but is very promising. I’m certain it will behave better using a headset mic vs. the lappie’s built-in mic. The following is a portion of a conversation that Vista dictated. A colleague and I were… Read more »

Embarq: Really Beginning to Suck!

Let’s see… how many ways can Embarq suck over Sprint. no newsserver more frequent slowdowns and outages… particularly weekends my pet peeve… the non-existing website “landing page” The last item is beginning to suck even harder. Just like it sounds, the landing page is where you end up if the URL you typed can not… Read more »

Presidential Predictions #1

McCain chooses Fred Thompson… There, I said it. Kinda leaves a nasty mouthfeel and I may be totally off base, but think about it.

Audio Player Test

Nothing to see here… just a test of audio player plugin. Will change colors later… goodnight cruel world! [audio:Run_For_Cover.mp3]

What Willy Does Like the Cold?

I love many things about the British: their accents, their humour, the Aston Martin, those sexy-eyed women… They’re a different lot they are. OK, you get the picture; I’m an Anglophile. But it’s nice to see that for all our differences, we have some things in common.

Bye Bye! So Long! Farewell!

Today, Mitt Romney withdrew his name from the decreasing field of Republican Presidential hopefuls. Signaling his party’s intent to use terror to maintain its death grip on the American psyche, Romney’s last dying gasps were something like: Any other time in history, I would stand my ground and fight. But this isn’t any other time…. Read more »

Why I Love the South: Reason #1

I’m starting an ongoing feature today; photos and short essays that show why I love the South. For bookkeeping’s sake, I’ll place these entries under their own category called… wait for it… The South. I can think of no better way to begin than with an item we’re especially known for. P-O-R-K, that spells hawg…. Read more »

Putting Hip Hop on Full Blast

People who know me more than a minute discover I’m not a big fan of corporate Hip Hop. The “bling”, objectification of women, and drugs offered by mainstream rappers paints a too thin veneer on a culturally rich, ethnically diverse people. As larger and better known recording companies continue to rake in the money, I’ve… Read more »