Month: January 2010

Caprica Looks A Lot Like Earth

Ahead of the much anticipated debut of Battlestar Galactica’s offshoot, Caprica, SyFy has created an immersive web experience to heighten the buzz. Cleverly presented as a newspaper styled blog, The Caprican delivers all the news worth printing from the 12 colonies. Of course, it’s all done with a very Caprican slant. Growing threats of monotheism… Read more »

Speechless Over Unseen Dr. King Photos

The beginning of the year always means one thing to me: Prepare for the onslaught of Black History Month and the Martin Luther King holiday. I don’t mean to make it sound like an onerous duty, but comparisons between these two events and the commercialization of Christmas are valid. Nonetheless, it’s necessary to think about… Read more »

More Cylon Tyranny

Woefully behind the times, I just watched the SyFy premiere of Battlestar Galactica: The Plan. I loved it, even though the objective viewer in me had to admit the movie was little more than a hand-stitched quilt of memories created to keep fans invested in the BSG franchise. I still mourn the death of the… Read more »