Month: September 2007

Like a Box of Chocolates

Bill O’Reilly is a twat. That’s all I have to say about that.

Never Mind the Mile High Club

The unusual things that parents must protect their children from never cease to amaze me. Maybe that’s because I don’t have kids… anyway, now this: R-rated movies wallpapering the insides of commercial airplanes. Eeek! Mommy why did that scary man cut off the pretty lady’s head?! There’s no excusing parents that have a choice and… Read more »

Choose Your Battles

This Salon article about an MIT student arrested for a hoax bomb threat is disturbing. What disturbs me about it is how some people interpret the event. Without doubt, many will view the occasion as an example of our disappearing freedoms. But freedom and responsibility are joined at the hip. Any discussion of individual rights… Read more »

Rissi Palmer Puts the Soul in Country

Rissi Palmer teeters on the precipitous edge of a breakthrough. No, she hasn’t discovered the cure for cancer. Well, maybe she has. Rissi Palmer is a country singer. Understand that last sentence. Rissi Palmer sings country. What I heard is definitely fresh, but her country roots are unmistakable. And her music refuses to wallow in… Read more »

Because I Could Not Stop…

Facing death is never easy. It’s even harder to face when it’s a friend’s death. You may not know him or even care, but Mark Copeland was a great guy. He was competent, creative, and genuinely friendly. It’s inspiring that he was able to live his life doing what he loved. Many others were inspired… Read more »

Technorati is your friend

Technorati Profile With over 71 million blogs being tracked at Technorati, it shouldn’t feel this lonely.

Bionic Woman Returns!

We are infatuated with re-imagining history. Music, politics, and recently cult classic TV shows have all been subjected to a most basic human desire: the “do-over”. Given a second chance at life, the results are often mixed. Many fans old enough to remember the original Battlestar Gallactica were affronted by Ronald Moore’s and David Eick’s… Read more »

It’s Britney, Bitch!

Not having cable or actually giving a damn about MTV, I watched Britney Spears’ performance online. I’ve never really followed her career, but that hasn’t dulled my awareness of it. From cuddly, thick nymphet through cut, domineering lesbian chic, Britney has delivered, and a grateful press and fan base has eaten it up. Yet hearing… Read more »

Challenging Assumptions

Every once in a while one encounters a tidbit of information that challenges an unconsciously declared assumption. Discovering web design visionary and storytelling provocateur Lance Arthur is gay is a qualifying example of the phenomena. Of course, the realization holds much more importance to him than to me in my moment’s reflection. Let me state… Read more »