Month: September 2008

Schleppers Unite

Thank you PostBourgie for the heads up on this! You will hit the blogroll. Lovely Sarah Silverman encourages young Jews to travel to Florida to convince their presumably non-Obama supporting elders to vote for him. The Great Schlep has more details. As always, Sarah loves profanity, so consider the embed NSFW or Synagogue. The Great… Read more »

Be My Guest

You’re not truly a blogger until you’ve turned the writing reigns over to someone else for a day or two. My dear friend and Purveyor of All Things Pink took it to the next level this past week. So far off the radar that she’s entirely devoid of intarweb (except cell phone), she asked me… Read more »

The Second Half

Today is my birthday. There’s nothing especially earthshaking about that, but I’ve had a notion the last few days. I’m beginning, or with much blessing, nearing the second half of my life. Sobering, yeah! Unlike the overwrought end of one’s 20s, this is a real occasion. In Bojangles for lunch, the lady taking my order… Read more »

Whitewashing the Bar

Steven Bochco’s Raising the Bar premiered on TNT tonight. The cable network has spent a great deal of time building up the latest small-screen drama from the creator of Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue. It even aired without commercials. SPOILER ALERT: SYNOPSIS AND PLOT POINTS AHEAD If you missed it, or like me originally… Read more »