Month: May 2011

Back In Black: Brown Skin, White Music

When I think of today’s pop culture, it’s often with disgust. Now that I’m older and wiser, I can’t pretend I don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction. There was a time when I embraced the current culture. But even then, it wasn’t always my culture that I embraced. My high school years were… Read more »

What Gadget Culture Is Not

CC Licensed Photo Off with her head! Unlike Alice’s evil queen, I rarely make impulsive decisions. Even then they are often prefaced by several inciting incidents. A few days ago I made such a decision. Gizmodo is a familiar name for some of my technically inclined readers. It’s generally considered a “technology blog”, and several… Read more »

Blogging 3.0: Are We There Yet?

Remember when blogging started? Not the actual date so much as the feelings reading a typical blog invoked. Blogging 1.0 was all about the personal made public. It was a way to share what you were doing or thinking before Twitter and Facebook… before sharing that information was accepted or expected. Suddenly, you understood you… Read more »

Thank You