Month: March 2008

You Never Know What You’ll Hear

I wrote about candid communications before. You know, the explicit, stripped down things people say to each other when they want to be understood. Utterances, emotions, and comments that our internal “polite filters” usually stop us from releasing to the world at large. In a place as populated and diverse as New York those filters… Read more »

Blogging Vs. Journalism

For some time now blogging and journalism have intersected in ways that complicate defining the relationship between the two disciplines. As bloggers, it’s increasingly important we play a more active role distinguishing what we do from journalism without diminishing blogging’s relevance. This notion has become even clearer since I started my own blog. A post… Read more »

Don’t Call It Journalism

Read an interesting article about blogging and journalism at Blog Maverick. Going to blog about it later.

Google Analytics

Just testing tracking code. No big shakes.

Goodbyes Make Life More Precious

I’ve been extraordinarily slack about posting lately. I wish it were simply my usual finickiness. Unfortunately, it’s more. My Mom passed away last week, and I’ve been ensconced in all the details that event entails, namely planning, sighing, sleeping, planning some more, more sleep, and more sighing. Rather than rehash the usual platitudes, let me… Read more »