Month: July 2008

“Y” Is for Yummy

Learning the alphabet was never this much fun.

Blogger Friends, Check Your Spam

This is a short note to ask my blogging friends and any blogging acquaintances who may read this to please check your blog spam occasionally for legit comments. A bit of recent drama may cause Akismet to spamlist comments from me. Thanks to Her Pinkness for pointing this out. Blog on, babies!

He Be Irresistable

It’s worth noting that NPR, a favorite news source of mine, occasionally does things that make me question what the old hippies are smoking. A few days ago their normally literate front page editors let the Ebonics riddled tease below litter my screen. Considering the subject, it feels more like a wagered dare than an… Read more »

Summer Squall

The usual barrage of heat produced a spectacular squall a couple of days ago. One day I’ll be in the right, relatively safe spot to capture some nice lightning. I was blessed to make it to lunch without floating away when I shot this pic. Part II Next day more of the same. This front… Read more »

Boobs and Bacon

OK, this has been covered elsewhere on the web, so I won’t reinvent it here. But it’s too delicious an idea to let escape the Blue’s radar. Everyone in the civilized world and beyond knows that bacon makes everything taste better. So what if you wrap it around an item that needs no enhancing. Kind… Read more »

It’s the Little, Fluffy Things in Life

One great thing about the ‘Net: no matter how bad your day is, there’s any number of sites to visit to make you feel better. Meow