Month: October 2007

Overture, Curtains, Light

With just over an hour to go before the month-long novel writing journey begins, I’m excited and enthused. This will likely be my last post for a few days. I’ll certainly be thinking of the thousands of fellow Wrimos as I labor. And I’ll smile knowing that we are all fulfilling a dream. Believe in… Read more »

A Successful Wrimo Kickoff

I Attended a Wrimo kickoff party in Greenville Tuesday evening. Hosted at the cozy Tipsy Teapot, it was a great way to relieve some pre-Nano stress and share strategies and plotlines with other participating writers. Elijah, our Municipal Liason, and well-seasoned novelist and screenplay writer Aubry(sp?) made the handful of hopefuls feel at home. A… Read more »

I’ve Committed (Have Me Committed!)

It’s official! The lure of NaNoWriMo has me under its spell. I have my account. I began naming characters and scripting scene cards for my plot outline today. In two days, I will join over 80,000 Wrimos worldwide on the quest to pull a 50,000 word novel out of a hat. The procrastination is nearly… Read more »

Warming Up the Word Processor

Once again, I’m considering NaNoWriMo. If you don’t know what that is, check the link then come back. If you do know what it is, you realize one considers it much as one contemplates getting married, buying a house, or committing suicide. Oh, the hubris! 50,000 words. Try not to think of all those zeros…. Read more »

Ode to Wally-World

Five pairs of dress socks… check. New reasonably priced leather shoes… check. Off brand tortilla chips (they taste better)… check. Damn! No souse. OK, put the liver pudding back. Cheap sliced summer sausage (beef)… check. Four spicy Bowl Noodles… check. Trailer trash white girl in grey sweats (you know you’d hit it!)… check! One pound… Read more »

Tweaker’s Delight: Optimizing Vista

Change is inevitable. If you’re really blessed, improvement comes with change. It’s a highly debatable concept when the change being discussed is one’s operating system. No stranger to change, (for better or worse), Microsoft kept the computing world at bay until January 2007, when Bill and Company sprang Vista onto the general public. Eagerly awaiting… Read more »

Fall’s Second Coming

Cool, dry air greeted me as I stepped outside yesterday morning. That’s always a good thing in the dirty, and HOT south. After a brief glimpse of how sweet North Carolina Fall can be, a brutish return to summer temperatures held us captive for a couple of weeks. But patience is a virtue, and the… Read more »

EB Salutes You Tube: Lydia

There’s no denying the effect You Tube has had on the creation and distribution of user generated media. Lonelygirl15, the HD-DVD encryption hack, and Chocolate Rain are three of the more notable instances of You Tube media achieving phenom status. But it’s the wide variety of music that keeps me coming back to the site…. Read more »

Free (as in Speech)

Been gone a bit handling family stuff and suffering a temporary internet outage. While I told myself I’d shy away from posting the typical “bloggy” kinds of personal detritus, I absolutely miss the clacky-clack sound of my fingers hitting the keys. I’ve also kicked a few ideas for posts around in my head. Feels like… Read more »