Warming Up the Word Processor

Once again, I’m considering NaNoWriMo. If you don’t know what that is, check the link then come back. If you do know what it is, you realize one considers it much as one contemplates getting married, buying a house, or committing suicide. Oh, the hubris! 50,000 words. Try not to think of all those zeros.

I think there are all kinds of writers. Traditional publication doesn’t define an author in my mind. I’ve found some of the best, most insightful writing online. But I have to believe that in the back of every writer’s mind lurks a novel. After all, the phrase is “Great American Novel”, not Great American Blog Post or Great American Letter to the Editor. So the incentive to complete an actual novel is fairly high.

The Wrimos’ (the nickname for participants) irreverent attitude is another attraction. The quantity over quality ethic strongly prevails. This notion is less troubling than it sounds once you realize that first drafts are not final drafts. The idea is to complete a novel; editing is the expected aftermath of a month of slinging words like hash.

I’m not committed yet, but with time running out, I’ll decide soon. Stay tuned for updates. Meanwhile, for one writer’s take on Nano, visit Mur Lafferty’s blog, I Should Be Writing. Her Special #27, offered as a podcast discusses the pluses and pitfalls of Nano.