Month: April 2009

Less Frenzy, More Quiet Storm

Yep. That’s the plot machine. Friend to the idea-less. It links to Script Frenzy, a site where members try to complete a 100 page script every April. I’m semi-committed and after NaNoWrimo, not ashamed of my ambivalence. The months that followed after I committed to Wrimo were some of the darkest in my life. If… Read more »

And Here We Go Again

Having been thoroughly trounced by NaNoWriMo I still haven’t learned my lesson. I’m flirting with Script Frenzy this year. Yes, I know it’s already begun and the foreplay should be in the rear view mirror by now. But I’m taking a different, more casual path than I took with Wrimo. I have a couple of… Read more »