Month: December 2007

Am I the only real girl in here?

Yahoo Instant Messenger used to be hot. Then the bots came. Kinda like Battlestar Gallactica. Then Yahoo installed Captcha challenges at the entrance of every room. The bots left… for a while. At least they returned with a sense of decency.

No, It’s Not A Tea Kettle

Just when I was all set to blast Mike Huckabee with my Ultra-Snark 2000 for his dumb-ass pheasant hunting comments, I ran across a whole YouTube community devoted to spreading the joys of nasal irrigation. Nice! My sister has previously suggested this procedure, and NPR did a report on an aspiring opera singer who practices… Read more »

Where The Heck Did It Go?

It’s the end of another blessed year and time to plan for the up and coming one. Whether you’re a devotee of New Year’s resolutions or not, it’s hard not to reflect on the previous months with a compare and contrast mindset. Did you save more money than last year? Did you lose the weight… Read more »

A Song About… Jeans?

Kudos to my friends Victor Labarbera and David Wheaton of VLabar Productions for producing young rapper Tae’s BET premier of Red Monkey Jeans! There’s not much commercially pimped new rap that I find myself listening too. This song’s not likely to change that fact, although I gotta give props to a (commercial) rap artist that… Read more »

NaNo No Mo’

Final Word Count: 8750 mood: content Where did the time go? I somehow didn’t make it to 50K, but I’m still stoked. Work was tough enough, but I was unfortunate enough to discover there are situations that can totally take your mind off the Great American Novel you’re writing. However, my characters still call out… Read more »