Month: November 2008

Here’s The Beef

A hearty beef stew alternative for turkey-jaded palates

L’attrait Des Femmes Français

Some obsessions should just be enjoyed and not deconstructed. The thrilling singe of hot peppers, the shock of cool, crisp linen, and the allure of French women for example. A closer examination would find the women of France lacking… in bras, makeup, and occasionally razors: all overrated entrapments of the bourgeoisie. Some days you won’t… Read more »

It’s About Time

Hell froze over. The South rose again. Monkeys flew out of my butt. I went to work this morning hopeful yet somber. As I write this, CNN has projected 333 Electoral College votes for President Elect Obama. That’s right, Barack Hussein Obama. Stop hating and vote… we did! North Carolina is still in question but… Read more »

A Brief Pause…

On the eve of history for the US, I’m making a bit of history myself. This is my 100th post… overdue and perhaps a bit fluffy. But in case you’ve forgotten to breathe (for whatever reason), take a breath with me now and eyeball a few pics I took during Wilson’s Whirligig Festival 2008. We… Read more »