Month: June 2008

Finally, A Shot of Reason

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. —The Second Amendment I’m sure quite a bit will be written concerning the landmark Second Amendment decision made by SCOTUS. It’s been a long time coming and either… Read more »

Cover Me: Wayman Tisdale

Welcome to another edition of Cover Me, my sporadic tribute to unique, unusual, or just plain awesome cover tunes. This evening’s artist is famous, but not necessarily for his musical prowess. As a former Phoenix Suns power forward (yes, Pink One, I Googled it), Wayman Tisdale is known for palming orange leather, not the cold… Read more »

See, We Had Veggies

Ever mindful of our need to balance our carnivorous leanings, my cousin insists that we have a veggie when we sacrifice animals. Kindly observe the pot of okra and squash nestling amongst the lamb chops and flanken beef ribs. The meal was simple and simply delicious. For all you tabletop grillers out there, spend ~… Read more »

My Dad, In A Pig’s Eye

Father’s Day was always a big deal at my house. My mother made sure that no matter what else was happening in our sequestered corner of the planet, Dad got his proper due. We made handmade cards that said “I Love You, Dad”. We catered to him, joyously bringing him food and drink. Remembering those… Read more »

Righting the Right’s Wrongs

It had to happen sooner or later. Learning a valuable lesson from John Kerry, Obama made it happen sooner. His campaign created a new website,, to dispel the outrageous lies and rumors that surround his historic bid for the White House. With the full weight of Rupert Murdoch’s foul ass Fox News Inventing Bureau… Read more »

A Call For Unity? Or A Wake-Up Call?

The bitterest Presidential Primary I can recall in my 25 years of interest in politics is finally over. It hasn’t all been good, clean fun. It never is. So many things conspired to make this election particularly rancorous. And despite my optimism, I sadly admit that the societal negatives highlighted nearly overwhelm the positives.

One Moment In A Lifetime

Humbled. Emboldened. Proud. Those are some of the things I feel tonight. For once I’m part of making a history that I will actually hold dear in my old age. The most tedious work of a lifetime begins now, but tonight, VICTORY!

Ebony and Ivory

Hold the phone! The latest eHarmony commercial I just saw had a Black and Asian (looking) couple. It’s an omen. There’s hope for the Democratic Party after all. All wounds will miraculously be healed. Anything’s possible. Gas prices might even recede. Just wait and see. Everything’s going to be OK.