Month: November 2007

We Really Don’t All Look Alike

So I’ve finally begun my search for some interesting black blogs. A brief Google turned up the 2007 winners at The Black Weblog Awards Blog. As usual I’m running a bit behind with my reaction post. Lord knows you can read plenty of dissent in the comments following the announcement of the winners. But I… Read more »

Casting Your Soy Before Swine

Several inventions have advanced the explosive growth of mass media. The printing press, teletype, radio and TV, and certainly not least, the Internet. Many private industries take advantage of these inventions to further the causes that make them money. PR, entertainment, health; these businesses have all benefited from the Orwellian reach of technology. Consequently, propaganda… Read more »

I’m Alive, Vista’s Sweet, and the Writing Plods Along

OK, I admit. I was trying to think of some ultra-clever post to describe how much I’ve missed blogging since I began writing my novel. I was going to set the lyrics to Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”. Scratch that. Here’s a quickie (in keeping with the whole Marvin Gaye theme). For the ‘lite crowd who… Read more »

Nano Update 02

Word count: 5677 mood: bit frustrated, bit happy: dealin’ wit’ it My antagonist told me he’s really not a bad guy, just the fall guy. I reluctantly had to agree. Now, I’m rewriting a bit of his backstory (which wasn’t exactly fleshed out to begin with). Overall, I feel like the writing is better than… Read more »

NaNo Update 01

Word count: 2877 mood: committed, slightly tense Dialog time… not a happy fun time exactly, but necessary. Had a nasty but urgent matter to deal with Friday, and I had to work Saturday. Falling of pace is no fun, but the good news is the story feels like a story and I talk with my… Read more »