I’m Alive, Vista’s Sweet, and the Writing Plods Along

OK, I admit. I was trying to think of some ultra-clever post to describe how much I’ve missed blogging since I began writing my novel. I was going to set the lyrics to Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”.

Scratch that.

Here’s a quickie (in keeping with the whole Marvin Gaye theme). For the ‘lite crowd who have been running Vista since it’s pre-alpha days, move along; this post will be old news. For the OS conservatives who’ve only recently upgraded, this may be of interest.

One of the more interesting aspects of Vista is ReadyBoost: its ability to use removable drives to speed up the caching of virtual memory files. Succinctly put, ReadyBoost improves Vista’s performance by using flash drives to perform small, random I/O file operations, instead of using the paging file of the (typically) slower harddrive. This is not a substitute for RAM, rather an inexpensive way to improve the speed of your computer without cracking the case and possibly voiding the warranty. There are limits and recommendations to ReadyBoost. They can be found at Tom Archer’s MSDN blog. There, Tom quotes Matt Ayers, a Microsoft Program Manager and owner of the ReadyBoost feature.

Enjoy. Now, back to procrastinating, I mean writing.