Month: July 2009

What’s On My Mind?

What’s on my mind tonight? (Last night rather) I’m being followed on Twitter by a ton of blues musicians. One of them is bucketofblues1. Bucket of Blues is the album and the musician is Bobby Parris. His website has a 10 track album for sale. Each song is 75 cents. Or you can buy the… Read more »

Dear Barack, My Ass Is Broke: Donate

It’s been eight months since 63 million Americans voted for change. If you listen closely you can hear the cacaphanous strains of “buyers’ remorse” blending harmoniously with the “I told ya so” chorus. As a pragmatist, I never bought season tickets to that concert series. But I will freely admit the one thing that truly… Read more »

Overeasy Frittata

Ingredients 2 large eggs handful of whole leaf spinach half-handful of shredded carrots half-handful of sliced, mild onions your choice of oil and seasoning garlic clove or two, sliced thinly fresh grated nutmeg (optional) As part of a personal initiative to reduce my consumption of meat, I’ve begun observing “no-meat Wednesdays”. Being a meatatarian nothing… Read more »

Hawthorne, TNT’s Colorful Primetime Prescription

Last night I watched TNT’s third episode of Hawthorne, Jada Pinkett Smith’s (Exec Producer/Director) and John Masius’ (Exec Producer/Writer) new nursing “dramalet”. Yes, I made that word up. It’s the diminuitive form of drama. That isn’t meant to be demeaning in any way. I really quite like the show and almost blogged the first episode… Read more »