Month: October 2011

Mind the Return on Investment

Thumbing through Information Week magazine I noticed three or four QR-coded ads in the first 10 pages. You know QR codes, those square, bar code looking thingies you scan with your phone, and they teleport you to a webpage or application. You can actually store more information than web addresses in them, a resume for… Read more »

Embracing the eReader Metaphor: Kindle 4

Kindle 4 SO

I’m the happy new owner of an Amazon Kindle 4 SO (Special Offers). This is my first eReader. The recent design refresh and lower prices finally swayed me. Although there are probably more Kindles in the wild than Toyota Corollas, I thought some brief observations may benefit those contemplating their first eReader purchase. If you… Read more »

Blog Hop In Progress

Good afternoon writers! Nicole Pyles of The World of My Imagination is hosting a blog hop for writers today. Please visit her blog, follow her, and find a few more writers’ blogs to follow. I’ll do my hopping after work this evening.

Missed Connections: A Theme, A Start

It’s Friday and today I’m posting my first contribution to the Friday Flash craze. The story, Surround Sound Morning, has a theme. Think about the Missed Connections section in the personals. Only extend the idea beyond its obvious relationship connotations. It’s about all the moments you’ve glimpsed some life-altering truth or essential beauty. Maybe you… Read more »

Ebookwars, Hash It Up

As ebooks and self-published authors continue to increase, news about the competition to define the dominant ebook format will proliferate. Based on an article about B&N pulling DC graphic novels after Amazon gained excluside e-publishing rights, I just defined #ebookwars as a proposed hashtag on With the battlefield heating up, this tag can make… Read more »

Secret Shame of a Pantser

pants hanging on clothesline

I confess. Until now I’ve been a pantser. Long after giving up the romantic notion of the writer who, possessed by inspiration, channels creativity from on high until the keyboard letters melt off in a blinding flash, I continue to start stories with no clear path to the finish line. For me, this is the… Read more »