Month: September 2011

Bye Bye BAM: The Silver Lining

Every cloud has a silver lining. I combed the ashes of the local Books-A-Million with dozens of bargain seekers looking for that lining. The store hadn’t had that many customers at one time since its opening. Stacks of pallets now occupy corners of the store and wait for the remains. I flipped through some interesting… Read more »

My Local Book Store Closes

Another retail book giant downsizes. This one is close to home.

Eric-Blues Gets A Facelift

Although I’ve been testing the new theme for a few days, today is the official launch of the redesign. It’s nothing earthshaking as far as redos go. But I did separate writing from the other shiny objects that capture my attention, and I also added a contact form. For now, there’s a 55-word flash fiction… Read more »

Young Adult Grows Up

Photo: “Teen Romance” is CC Licensed Research is the first step to learning a subject. I’ve always enjoyed the process of discovering arcane facts, unknown nuances, and useful statistics. Yesterday, I began rediscovering Young Adult fiction at Barnes & Noble. It’s been years since I’ve explored the genre, but some of my writing is veering… Read more »

Perils of Public Writing

Yesterday at lunch I was writing a short story. Before I returned to work I began this post about how annoying people can be in public places. For many, coffee shops offer an inviting environment for writing. The cozy atmosphere, background music, and easy access to the nectar that feeds our muse keeps us returning… Read more »