We Really Don’t All Look Alike

So I’ve finally begun my search for some interesting black blogs. A brief Google turned up the 2007 winners at The Black Weblog Awards Blog. As usual I’m running a bit behind with my reaction post. Lord knows you can read plenty of dissent in the comments following the announcement of the winners. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my disappointment with the readers’ choice of Young, Black and Fabulous for Best Culture Blog. It’s truly sad when Hollywood and music gossip passes for culture of any shade, but that seems to be the gist of YBF’s content. Perhaps the last line of the “About” page sums it up best:

Filling the black hollywood [sic] gossip and entertainment void all day every day.

It’s a void best left unfilled in my opinion. Thankfully, there were two categories of winners: popular vote and judges’ vote. Some of the judges choices offered stark contrast to the readers’ preferences. One of the judges’ choices that I will be spending more time at is Clutch Magazine. It won Best Blog Design. I have to give them props for interviewing Rissi Palmer, a Country musician I’ve previously blogged about. Now that’s culture!

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to parse other black blogs, and will put a couple on the link list once I find one that hits the spot.