A Song About… Jeans?

Kudos to my friends Victor Labarbera and David Wheaton of VLabar Productions for producing young rapper Tae’s BET premier of Red Monkey Jeans! There’s not much commercially pimped new rap that I find myself listening too. This song’s not likely to change that fact, although I gotta give props to a (commercial) rap artist that shuns profanity, drugs, and the whole “meat marketization” of women.

The song favors concrete imagery over abstract expressionism: Red Monkey Jeans, all white tee with them all white Nikes… You get the picture. It reminds me of country music with its earnest simplicity. And who doesn’t have a favorite pair of jeans? Admit it. This is the song you’ve dreamed about writing. The trouble is finding a phrase that rhymes with Wrangler stretch (besides “neighbors retch”) is too damn difficult. Stop hating. That’s an order.

Vic and Dave keep ’em coming. I’m glad to see other people having fun in this crazy video production game.