A Successful Wrimo Kickoff

I Attended a Wrimo kickoff party in Greenville Tuesday evening. Hosted at the cozy Tipsy Teapot, it was a great way to relieve some pre-Nano stress and share strategies and plotlines with other participating writers. Elijah, our Municipal Liason, and well-seasoned novelist and screenplay writer Aubry(sp?) made the handful of hopefuls feel at home. A reporter from the Daily Reflector was there as well. The recurring theme was have fun with the process.

Elijah also offered his choice of text processor for writing. Q10 is a free (as in beer), extremely lightweight fullscreen text editor. The lack of pallets and toolbars make for a scarily empty workspace. That is until you fill it with Nobel winning prose. For kicks, you can also download an audio package that gives your keystrokes that manual typing sound. It runs under Vista, opens and closes lightning fast, and handles Mac, Win, and Unix line endings.

The countdown’s on!