Fall’s Second Coming

Cool, dry air greeted me as I stepped outside yesterday morning. That’s always a good thing in the dirty, and HOT south. After a brief glimpse of how sweet North Carolina Fall can be, a brutish return to summer temperatures held us captive for a couple of weeks. But patience is a virtue, and the upcoming crisp and clean air a welcome reward for waiting out the heat.

Soon, the crickets will settle down for good. All but the most deluded birds will shut up, and I’ll be able to enjoy the rustling of somber pines as they sway in time to the eternal End of Summer waltz. For some, the rustling of leaves crossing the street like harried school children will mark the hot season’s passing. For others, the end of Daylight Savings Time is the proper beginning of fall. The skies go dark so early, like a sleepy giant closing its eyes for a long hibernation.

I love this season and all that it brings. Thanksgiving splurges, excited fair goers, and most importantly, a time to recharge my batteries before next summer’s return.