EB Salutes You Tube: Lydia

There’s no denying the effect You Tube has had on the creation and distribution of user generated media. Lonelygirl15, the HD-DVD encryption hack, and Chocolate Rain are three of the more notable instances of You Tube media achieving phenom status. But it’s the wide variety of music that keeps me coming back to the site. I particularly enjoy watching covers of popular songs. Who knew you could find a group of adolescent choirboys interpreting Tears in Heaven?

Lydia is one of the most talented artists I’ve seen to date on You Tube. Hailing from the Netherlands, this sexy-cute bassist/vocalist brings S-O-U-L straight to your earhole. She covers Marcus Miller/David Sanborn and Cameo, but my favorite performance from her is a bass and vocal rendition of Denise William’s Free. Lydia also has a MySpace where she shares her bass playing history and some original music. Steeped in mid 80’s to 90’s funk, her voice reminds me of Tina Marie. And considering the current sewage flooding commercial airwaves, I’m all about the Way Back machine feel.

If you’re into slap bass and sexy soul, drop by and show your love.