Tweaker’s Delight: Optimizing Vista

Change is inevitable. If you’re really blessed, improvement comes with change. It’s a highly debatable concept when the change being discussed is one’s operating system. No stranger to change, (for better or worse), Microsoft kept the computing world at bay until January 2007, when Bill and Company sprang Vista onto the general public. Eagerly awaiting users had their expectations slightly lowered when Redmond announced Vista, the first major upgrade since XP, would not contain WinFS. However, there were plenty of other changes to keep power users busy. And Vista adoption has occurred at twice the pace of XP’s adoption.

As a cautious observer and happy XP user, I’ve waited until now to take the plunge. By the weekend I hope to be the proud owner of a Vista laptop. In keeping with my belief that knowledge is power, I’ve discovered an excellent resource for understanding and optimizing Vista. Koroush Ghazi’s Tweaking Companion for Windows Vista is offered as a free PDF download, a paid version with illustrations and higher quality text, and a book.

The 248 page tome is not offered solely as a getting started guide, although savvy users will find it meets that goal as well. Instead, this is a thorough appraisal of the entire operating system, from its GUI Aero goodness to its enhanced DRM-infected heart. If you keep that in mind while reading the guide, you’ll stand a better chance of making the switch to Vista a positive change.