Free (as in Speech)

Been gone a bit handling family stuff and suffering a temporary internet outage. While I told myself I’d shy away from posting the typical “bloggy” kinds of personal detritus, I absolutely miss the clacky-clack sound of my fingers hitting the keys.

I’ve also kicked a few ideas for posts around in my head. Feels like things may get political in the future. Although with the sorry state of government and lack of palatable choices in the upcoming Presidential election, my thoughts may not be much to look forward to.

Anyway… in an effort to post outside my own head, this caught my attention from the AP wires.

Va. teacher fired for buttocks art sues (Bob Lewis, Associated Press Writer)

I could say much, but absent any information other that what I’ve read in this story, my comments would be superficial. However, one aspect of the article particularly caught my eye. From the ending paragraph, “him” refers to Stephen Murmer, the fired teacher:

…school officials summoned him from his classroom, told him the video created so much discussion among Monacan students that it was disruptive, and suspended him.

Students discuss any number of issues during the day. What to wear the next day, who got drunk last Saturday at the big party, and exactly what one would do given a shot at Stacy’s mom. My Honors English class in high school buzzed with so much chatter that it sounded like the lunchroom. If students couldn’t resist speaking at inappropriate times, that should be dealt with. But trying to control the nature of what kids discuss amongst themselves too closely resembles Ari Fleischer’s idea of citizenship. You remember Ari? Mr. Americans… “need to watch what they say, watch what they do.”

Apparently Mr. Murmer didn’t get the memo. Presuming the facts of the case are as presented, one little county in Virginia may learn a lesson about the Constitution that Ari Fleischer and the current administration would rather all freethinking Americans forget. Namely, that it applies to more people than the handful who are trying to destroy it in the name of Freedom.