Challenging Assumptions

Every once in a while one encounters a tidbit of information that challenges an unconsciously declared assumption. Discovering web design visionary and storytelling provocateur Lance Arthur is gay is a qualifying example of the phenomena. Of course, the realization holds much more importance to him than to me in my moment’s reflection.

Let me state unequivocally that I’m not judging Lance Arthur’s or anyone else’s sexual orientation. I’m one of those strange individuals who thinks bedroom doors are good for something besides plugging that gaping hole in the wall. I believe one’s choice of companion is sacred as one’s choice of religion, or hair color for that matter.

Yet for some reason, this newly found information kept turning in my head, like a cat treading circles before settling down to nap. Perhaps it’s the human desire to seek similarities between people we respect and ourselves. When presented with such a diametric contrast, the CPU times out. Maybe the only true growth in life comes from resolving our expectations with our realities, even completely unvoiced or unfounded expectations.

Whatever the truth, it’s great to see Lance’s still relevant vision.