2011, Stick A Fork In It

The beginning of the year can’t come and go without some review of the preceding 12 months, and recognition of the challenges ahead. There doesn’t need to be the kind of fanfare that accompanies the apple drop in New York. But as we wind down from the holiday crush it’s a perfect time to reassess goals. I’ve done that with regards to my writing and discovered I’m further along in the journey than I thought. I’m sharing my list with all of you. Click the image below to enlarge it. I urge you to make your own list, whether you share it or not. You don’t have to use the “R” word if you don’t want to.

Finally, thank you all who have commented, followed, and/or endured my blog and Twitter ramblings. Knowing something I’ve written has helped or entertained really makes the effort worthwhile.

God Bless and be safe!