Bloggers, You Need A Weblog Client

Time organization is important to everyone, but especially to those who share a full-time job with their creative muse. If you blog, it’s typical to create posts within your blog’s admin panel. However, that requires an internet connection. Even with today’s wi-fi saturation, it’s not always possible to go online. For simple posts it’s feasible to draft them in a word processor—even Notepad/TextPad will do. But add formatting, media, and links, and you soon wish for the utility of your admin panel.

Weblog clients offer those features and more. These specialized word processors work with most popular blogging platforms and let you write, format, tag, and schedule future posts without an internet connection. Several clients exist for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I’m writing this in Windows Live Writer. If you decide to try Microsoft’s product, note that it wants to install the entire Live suite (Messenger, Mail, etc.) by default. That isn’t necessary. To avoid it, simply uncheck every other software title on the installation screen.

I hope your choice of weblog client will help you organize your time, and be a more creative and productive writer. Happy blogging!