Days of Making

In this post I’ll attempt to answer the question What do writers do when they’re not writing? Of course the question itself is simply a distraction from the grim reality that one is not writing. Hmmm…

Anyway, in my break I’ve returned to programming and using/learning about Linux. In fact, as much as I like Windows 8, outside of work I use Linux 90%+ of the time. Linux Mint 15 let’s me write, email, tweet, surf, code, listen to music, and view and modify photos/videos. When I am inspired to write, Scrivener’s Linux beta works just fine. Firefox and Thunderbird are the same versions as their Windows counterparts. TweetDeck has no standalone Linux software, but the website app runs better in Linux than it does in Windows. Meaning, it doesn’t crash when rabid Sharknado fans are posting 5000 tweets a minute!

Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader gives me online and offline access to my Kindle library. Xara Xtreme is close to the original Windows program that introduced me to vector graphics. And as much as I despise GIMP’s interface, I’ve managed to use it for rudimentary photo editing jobs. Aside from coding, that accounts for most of what I do when I’m not forced to sit in front of a computer all day.

Speaking of coding, I’ve started learning Python at Code Academy, a free online resource focused on putting the power of programming into everyone’s hands. I purchased a Raspberry Pi to flex my Python skills, and possibly turn into a cool home automation or network server project.The Pi obviously led me to Arduino, where I’m learning enough C to make LEDs blink, motors spin, and eventually more.

So that’s some of what writers do besides writing. At least this writer.