Give ’em the Bird

Frying has been my preferred method of holiday turkey prep for years now. Like grilling, it’s a very primal activity. Primal meaning “favored by men” for its elegant simplicity and element of danger. Add the fact that you’re plating in under an hour and you have a winning combination.

Per my usual process, this year’s 13.5 lb, fresh specimen was brined overnight. She was also given a day to rest comfortably (as well as dry thoroughly) in the refreigerator. After allowing the bird to approach room temp while the oil heated, a generous amount of dry rub was applied inside and out before lowering into four gallons of hot peanut oil. Forty-eight minutes later and the deed was done. Enjoy the pic and short video of my jet fryer.

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day to all of you. May your pots be full!