National Day on Writing, Just One?

“What do you write?”

Anyone who consistently clacks away at a keyboard in a public place will be asked some variation of this. I was asked earlier today and I offered my usual response: YA fiction. It’s not my only genre, but I’ve begun to focus my efforts there. A year or so ago I would have said “I blog.” With the National Day on Writing upon us, I’ve given the question more consideration. Not so much about the genre I write, but more about what I do write. The totally candid answer is everything.

I write reminder notes like my Mom taught me to (and try to remember where I put them!). I write lyrics of songs I’ll never be brave enough to sing. I write business emails and try to make them as concise and unambiguous as possible. I tweet (yeah!). And yes, fiction is always on my mind and at the tips of my fingers.

I’m ecstatic to see this emphasis on writing as a life skill, on par with knowing math and grammar. If you’re a student who has strayed here by chance, know that writing, like playing an instrument, is an endeavor with infinite rewards. One’s friendship with words is as real as any 3D friendship, and will open the door to a lifetime of adventure.

Here’s something I wrote while killing time at my local author incubator, AKA Starbucks: Before She Goes.