Dear Barack, My Ass Is Broke: Donate

It’s been eight months since 63 million Americans voted for change. If you listen closely you can hear the cacaphanous strains of “buyers’ remorse” blending harmoniously with the “I told ya so” chorus. As a pragmatist, I never bought season tickets to that concert series. But I will freely admit the one thing that truly bothers me about this administration’s grassroots approach. At the end of nearly every email they send, there is a simple, blood red button with white letters that encourage, if not outright demand you do one thing:


For example:

Eric —

Recently, Vice President Biden stuck his foot in his mouth again. This time it required surgery to remove it. Thankfully, Joe’s covered by the same healthcare plan that provides hundreds of congressmen and women a safety net in these troubled times. If we’re going to pass legislation to ensure that every American has access to that same level of care, we must act now. Please do your part to help all the Joes across this great country.


I like a good meme as much as anyone, but honestly I’m wiped. I gave to the campaign, and I am a patient person, but I need to see a bigger return on previous donations before I’m comfy giving up more of my finances. Make no mistake, eight months later I still support the administration and would vote the same way. Maybe we can make a deal. Hire my company to produce the compelling videos you need to win support for your healthcare plan. I can’t promise we’ll donate our services. But I can promise we won’t fill your inbox up asking for future work.

Overeasy Frittata



2 large eggs
handful of whole leaf spinach
half-handful of shredded carrots
half-handful of sliced, mild onions
your choice of oil and seasoning
garlic clove or two, sliced thinly
fresh grated nutmeg (optional)

As part of a personal initiative to reduce my consumption of meat, I’ve begun observing “no-meat Wednesdays”. Being a meatatarian nothing tastes or feels like flesh, so it’s a challenge finding worthy protein replacements. Bold tastes and pretty colors help dull the pain. Today’s foodie entry succeeds on all fronts. At heart it’s a frittata, however, I use overeasy eggs instead of an omelette. And here’s the super time-saver tip of the day: The spinach, carrots, and onions were purchased from a grocery store salad bar. Pre-prepped and cheap. 
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Hawthorne, TNT’s Colorful Primetime Prescription

Last night I watched TNT’s third episode of Hawthorne, Jada Pinkett Smith’s (Exec Producer/Director) and John Masius’ (Exec Producer/Writer) new nursing “dramalet”. Yes, I made that word up. It’s the diminuitive form of drama. That isn’t meant to be demeaning in any way. I really quite like the show and almost blogged the first episode I saw. But while first impressions are lasting, it’s only fair to give a show a couple of episodes before forming concrete opinions (unless the show is Raising the Bar).

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Using The AdSense Preview Tool In Firefox

This post originally appeared in slightly altered form on another blog of mine.

Many of you budding millionaires who use Google AdSense will want a preview of the ads available for (or already showing) on your blog. Authorizing third-party ads on your website is always a crap shoot. Being upset by a link is bad enough, but what worse atrocities lurk at the linked site? 
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E-B flies a new badge as a small but sincere show of hope for better days in Iran. Salaam ‘Alaykum.

Iran’s Stolen Election? Been There, Done That

International clamor over Iran’s presidential election has reached deafening proportions. The incendiary struggle is fueled in no small part by Twitter’s dominance as a global “one-to-many” communication tool. Confronted with a media blackout, CNN has relied extensively on tweets and re-tweets (RTs) in the #iranelection and #neda hashtag feed. Even friends of mine who have self-identified as apolitical are showing an interest and lending their supportive voices to the Iranian people. Hooray for Twitter. This historical moment shows technology in its best and brightest light.

But beyond the human struggle, technological triumphs, and media saturation, a nagging familiarity prodded a memory of 2000 and America’s own stolen presidency. 
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My Name Is Cancelled

NBC has been my most watched non-cable network for years. That may soon change. E! Online reported earlier this week that NBC had canceled My Name Is Earl and Medium. This move only compounds the loss of Life and Knight Rider. OK, Knight Rider maybe wasn’t such a surprise but one’s lust for muscle car porn must be sated. 
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