Six Sentences: The Opposite of Everything

I’m having a go at Six Sentence Sunday today with an excerpt from what will be the last short story in my first collection, or maybe a longer work that stands on its own. The story hasn’t decided yet. Working title: The Opposite of Everything. Premise: a high school senior is forced to learn a real life lesson in politics in order to graduate.



“It’s important to understand that taxes are a de facto form of wealth redistribution.”
Mr. Wellsley paused behind a student whose face was planted on her desk in a warm nest made from her wool sweater. Before continuing, he raised the tip of the pool cue he used as a pointer. Like twirling spaghetti, he carefully swirled the chalked end of the stick in her tangle of red hair before giving it a sharp yank. Emily bolted upright, her surprised yelp cut short by the classroom’s laughter and the teacher’s glaring eyes.
“Do you understand why, Miss Barfield?”

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