Thanks for Sharing

This November, two writers I follow bestowed awards upon my site. While I’ve been overran with work and writing and learning, I want to acknowledge them and encourage my readers who are interested in the inner workings of writers to visit their sites. It’s really nice to leave your own mind and wander around in others’  from time to time.

liebster award

Thank you Lacey, from Inside My Mind.

I’m still looking for other blogs to share with, but there is one blog I’d like to mention. Aprildorus is Patrick Conners’ brainchild. Patrick is a poet, a really good one in a world that needs more good poetry.

Versatile-Blogger-Award-11Thank you Lara, from Motivation for Creation.

Now for seven things about me.

1) I love, love, love Indian, Arabic, and Mid-Eastern food. Tabouleh, falafel, hommous… Yum! I’m actually a huge foodie. I just haven’t subjected my current audience to all the food shots yet.

2) The flute in my Google/Twitter Avatar is a bansuri, a traditional Indian 7-holed bamboo flute. I’m not particularly adept at it, but it makes a lovely sound. As a child, I got my love of side-blown flutes from watching David Carradine as Kwai Chang Kane in Kung Fu.

3) I’m not a rabid or even minor sports fan. The only way I remotely enjoy watching football is surrounded by other fans. However, I might like rugby… that looks like an interesting sport. And the hakas performed by the New Zealand All Blacks are ferocious!

4) I’m a PK (Preacher’s Kid). My mom was an evangelist. I wrote briefly about her in a much earlier blog post. She was a big influence in my life and I miss her every day.

5) I think cats are way cooler than dogs. They’re fluffy and purry and independent. Cats own you, not the the other way around.

6) I’m the biggest Anglophile. I can’t get enough English TV. I love the accent and the cool phrases and everything BBC. Yeah baby! UK is one of the few places outside of the US that I would tolerate a long plane flight to visit.

7) I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a young child. That’s been a while. Now I’m doing something about it.

Lara cited my blog as the first she had encountered that specialized in technology for writers. I hope to do more tech-specific posts. As an evolving industry, the intersections between self-publishing skills and graphic arts backgrounds are increasing. I want to be at those intersections to help other writers move forward. Below, I’ve listed a few of the techie sites that inspire me.

The Book Designer: Go her first! Joel Friedlander has ridden the waves of change from print book design, to ebook programming. He is an invaluable source for those considering the self-pub route.

Novel Publicity: Emlyn Chand and company cover publishing from all aspects of writing, editing, marketing. They offer their services as well as plenty of information about book publishing/marketing.

Self-Publishing 2.0: A more recent resource, this looks like a good place for market watch stats.

Thank you ladies for thinking of me in the season of thanks and giving. Your links have been on my writer’s list for a while now. I hope the new year brings health, wealth, and more stories for us all.