There’s something undeniably human about procrastination. You’ll never see a hungry animal corner its prey and then walk away thinking I’ll just kill the next one. No way. Instead, he pounces! Leaps! Claws extend sinking deep and snatching life itself from the hapless victim. We poor, highly evolved mammals should be so bold!

My flirtation with blogging (and writing in general) has simmered like a hearty stew for more years than I like to admit. Anyone who has ever felt the urge to write can recite from memory the many excuses that prevent putting thought to paper… or pixel. For too long, the comforting cotton of doubt, work, and school have dulled the clear siren call to write. But those sweet tones have finally broken through. It only took a little help from Fred Thompson.

For many dreary, rhetoric-filled months, pundits have treated Thompson’s candidacy like the Second Coming. It’s not a matter of if–but when will he gallop in on his made-for-TV white horse, snatch the pretty girl, and make Democracy safe for the world again. So I’ve taken notice now that an announcement of the announcement has been announced. I guess he’s been “fixin’ to get ready” as we Southerners say.

So have I. Now, I’m ready, or fixed, or possibly both. Either way, welcome to my first earnest attempt at answering my muse. I can’t promise the blog will be as exciting as a (God forbid!) Fred Thompson presidency. But at least I’m doing my part to make Democracy safe for the world again.